Ryan Brown is a Junior at Drake University studying Digital Media Production as well as LPS (Law, Politics, and Society). He is from LaGrange Park, Illinois where he attended Lyons Township High School. Throughout his life, he has always enjoyed media in all forms, though never did anything about it until he came to college. At Drake, he found a love of taking pictures, making videos, and sometimes creating music. He is an avid movie watcher, mainly horror, but one of his favorite directors is still Quentin Tarantino.

Ryan understands social media fairly well, having nearly reached ten thousand followers on TikTok at one point making stupid videos from his room. The only reason he amassed this small (by TikTok standards) following is through reading trends on the site and creating posts accordingly. Ryan is also a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity where he runs their social media and plans their social events. He’s been responsible for creating graphics, updating the Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as keeping in contact with whoever reaches out through those mediums. In the past he has put together philanthropic events, raising over $6,000, more than any philanthropy chair has in the past half decade. After that he went on to serve on the Interfraternity Council as the Vice President of philanthropy and service.

Ryan’s forte is mostly with social media having all the aforementioned experience and he hopes to put together an analog horror series on YouTube at some point. He has experience editing film, audio, and images with various Adobe apps and creating graphics using Adobe as well as Canva. He’s also had what some may consider too much experience in customer service, having worked behind a meat counter, at a convenience store, a retirement home, and he also caddied for a summer. These experiences have made him exceptional at working together with diverse groups of people from many different walks of life and has helped him to understand how to avoid conflict while keeping the task at hand in the front of his mind.

All in all, Ryan is a well rounded man with a well rounded background that is passionate about everything he does. Whether he’s working on a project for a class, making sure events run smoothly, or if he’s just hanging out with his friends, he does it all with as much happiness and passion as possible.